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PKZ2 Manual Motor Protectors without Trip Module

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Part Name Article # Amps
PKZ2 026606 42
The PKZ 2 manual motor protector and PKZ 2/S... motor protector combination without plug-in trip modules make up one frame size rated for a maximum continuous motor load current of 42 Amps. These devices can be stocked, or mounted and wired in a panel, without prior knowledge of motor Hp ratings. Motor overload and over current protection is provided by the plug-in motor protective trip modules which are inserted into the slots below the handle (between the disconnect and contactor portions) and enable the motor protector to cover to a motor range from fractional Hp to 30 Hp at 460/575VAC.

Once motor loads are determined, selection of the appropriate plug-in protective trip module can take place. Exchanging trip modules is easy and does not require any removal of wiring or cable. Removal of the trip modules provides an additional safety benefit by creating an open circuit path to the motor. This still allows the performance of routine motor maintenance tasks and circuit function checks but effectively rules out any inadvertent energization of the motor.
Part Name Article # Amps
PKZ2/S(*V50HZ) 907481 42
PKZ2/S(*V60HZ) 907482 42
PKZ2/S(110V50/60HZ) 063578 42
PKZ2/S(110V50HZ,120V60HZ) 063570 42
PKZ2/S(190V50HZ,220V60HZ) 063571 42
PKZ2/S(230V50/60HZ) 063579 42
PKZ2/S(230V50HZ,240V60HZ) 063572 42
PKZ2/S(24V50/60HZ) 063577 42
PKZ2/S(24V50HZ) 063580 42
PKZ2/S(24V60HZ) 063583 42
PKZ2/S(400V50HZ,440V60HZ) 063573 42
PKZ2/S(48V50HZ) 063581 42